Event on March in Bali – A Nyepi Day

If you come to Bali in March 2013, then you are in luck.
There are some celebration this March. Among them is the Nyepi Day. Nyepi Day is one of the Hindu celebration. It is a celebration of the new year of Saka. New Year celebrations are different from usually celebration of the new year. The new year is celebrated with silence. A Day of silence in Bali.

Nyepi Day celebration consists of several events.

1. Melasti (9 March 2013)
Melasti is often called Melis / Mekiis. In the Melasti ceremony is performed purification facilities or infrastructure all praying, Pratima and Pralingga. The tools are then carried to the cleanup spot as the sea (beach) or other water sources that are considered sacred, according to circumstances where the ceremony. The purpose of the Melasti ceremony is to invoke tirtha amerta as cleaning water from Hyang Widhi. The interesting thing is the carnival heading to the beach, lake or spring.


2. Tawur Kesangan (11 March 2013)
Basically, the ceremony is intended to eliminate the evil elements of the human self. Tawur Kesanga is often called the ceremony Pecaruan. The interesting thing is in the evening held a Pengrupukan. The villagers paraded the Ogoh-ogoh. Ogoh-ogoh is giant doll-faced sinister. They surrounded the village. Some villages even held a contest of Ogoh-ogoh.


3. Nyepi Day (12 March 2013)
The highlight of the celebration of Nyepi Day. Saka New Year is celebrated with silent. There are several things prohibited in this celebration. Not work, should not light a fire, should not travel, should not do the fun.


4. Ngembak Geni
The day after the holiday Nyepi, all the activity back on track. Today begins with worship and prayer to God for the goodness in the new year. You will see the Balinese to visit their families.
DeMunut Balinese Resort wish You A Peacefull Nyepi Day ( 12 March 2013).
May God Bless the World and all of its contents.

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